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About Us

Financial Confusion

One day down at the local bank a one dollar bill got mixed in with some fifties. Seeing that it was different, the one dollar bill asked where it was that fifties went.

"Well we go to the finest restaurants, hotels, the opera, you name it! " boasted the fifty dollar bill.

Where Does Your Money Go?

"Oh... " said the one dollar bill.

"And pray tell where exactly is it that you one dollar bills go, friend?" asked the pompous fifty dollar bill.

"We go to Church." said the one dollar bill a bit sheepishly.

Make an Investment

Now Champion Team is not asking for your "Church donations", but we are hoping you will remember us this time of year and out of the kindness of your heart share with us so that we might be a blessing to so many others. Every gift counts and we make it as easy as going to the top of this page and clicking on the DONATE button. Thank you so very much!

About Us

Mission Statement

Champion Team is a non-profit organization run and operated by peers that are committed to fostering recovery by providing a safe place and services for adults that self-identify with mental diversity and co-occurring challenges.


The Malibu Monk FIle


Alternatives to Suicide

This is a peer-run support group about alternatives to suicide. As a community we have found strength in coming together to talk about many "taboo" topics and to support one another. This is a non-clinical group where everyone can feel safe to talk about things they may not always feel comfortable talking about. It is a healing, non-judgmental space.

New Horizons

If our vision goes no further than the end of our nose then we will miss the big picture. In this class, participants learn to look beyond themselves and begin to see things from a new perspective. This is an interactive class that laughs, learns, and lives life in a refreshing new way. Enroll today and see for yourself. You will be  glad that you did!

Co-dependency Support Group

Co-dependency is a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person's addictions, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility and/or under-achievements. This is a support group for people who struggle with co-dependent relationships.


Dual Diagnosis is an anonymous support group where we study the 12 steps plus five. This is for people who have mental diversity and addiction challenges. Champion Team also has weekly Family DDA groups for individuals who have family members with a DD. 

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & depression effect so many of us. This is a group to support one another through these challenges and learn skills to manage feelings as they arise in our daily lives.


Trauma and Recovery Gaining Experiences Together. A mutual self-help group for trauma survivors, people with PTSD, and individuals who support survivors. Meet with others who want to support one another and learn helpful coping techniques that may reduce triggers or anxiety.

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Check out this great video of Rocky Meier's Dental Testimony!


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Champion Team

1300 NW Adams St Ste B, McMinnville, Oregon 97128

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